After you have spiced up your event page with the basics, described in this previous article you might want to add even more unique touches to make your page stand out.
 Adding images or videos to your event description is a great way to catch customer's attention, include branding images and just have a more exciting event page all around.
 Multimedia can be added to the body of your event page under the 'General Info' tab. Under 'Description' where you can include event details and specifics - you should also see a little polaroid with a green plus, highlighted below.
 Clicking on that button will drop down a box where you can enter the URL of the image you wish to embed. Merely paste the link in, adjust the width / height as needed and boom! You have an image embedded in your event description. The image should be a hosted image - so it must exist as a link online, either by copying a link from a website or hosting the image on a free image hosting website (like, or
 Adding videos takes just one more step. In the same box, you will see a button that looks like a page on the far right. Clicking that button will turn your text, images and anything else you have written to HTML form. In HTML mode, you can paste the 'Embed Video' code copied from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video hosting site.
Once you have the code pasted, hit the 'page' icon again to revert back to normal text. Now you have a video embedded seamlessly into your event page!
 Some ideas of what multimedia to include on your page :

  • Banner images
  • Sponsor logos
  • Pictures of the venue
  • Recap videos from past events
  • Music videos of featured artists
  • Pictures of food or beverages being served

 If you have any trouble uploading multimedia onto your event page please contact NIGHTOUT Support at [email protected] or 800-936-3126!

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