Simply put, yes! NIGHTOUT makes it easy for anyone who is a registered NIGHTOUT user to create events. Want to learn more about how NIGHTOUT is the best ticketing and discovery platform? Click here for more.
 To create events, you have to be logged into your NIGHTOUT account and click the "Create an Event" link.

 From there, NIGHTOUT will walk you through event creation step by step. You just have to fill in the information, upload a poster, add your ticket types (explained here) and you will be set to publish!
 If you plan on selling tickets, you MUST fill out all the information in the Payout Information tab shown below. Keep in mind when selecting payment options that there is a $5 service fee for payouts issued by check, and ACH bank transfers are free (and faster!)

 Also carefully review our Organizer Terms & Conditions before you create events on NIGHTOUT.
 Please contact us at [email protected] or 800-936-3126 with any questions about getting started with creating events and/or inquiries about our site and/or service. We want to help you create awesome events!

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