Notification settings can be controlled and defaulted at the organization level and for each individual collaborator. You can now simply add recipients by name and email to receive any notifications without having to add them as a collaborator.

You can find "Notification Preferences" under the "Manage" header both on the organization and event dashboard. Naturally the event will adopt the Notification Preferences set on an organization level, but can always be overridden on an event to event basis.

You have the following options to select from when setting your Notification Preference:

  • When an Event is created
  • When an Event is published
  • When an Event sells out
  • Day After Recap
  • Day Of Recap
  • When a Payout is made
  • When a ticket is purchased - (This is set at the Ticket Type level)
  • When the sales period ends for a ticket type
  • When a Ticket Type sells out
  • Daily Sales Report - (Will be sent at 8:00am by default)

ALL of the follow options are included when setting Notification Preferences as defaults, per individual and your own personal preferences.

Notification Defaults

Set notification defaults on the organization level to save yourself time updating the settings within each individual event. Keep in mind all collaborators will inherit these settings, unless edited under the 'Individual Settings' tab or they specify their own personal notification settings.

Pro-Tip: Any user-specific preferences will supersede defaults set on an organization level. And any organization level preferences (including individual, personal or default settings) will supersede event level defaults. Individual and personal settings are always honored.

Individual Settings

You can customize individual notification preferences for each collaborator. If unedited the collaborator will inherit the default settings set on the organization or event level. Keep in mind that individual settings established on an organization level will carry over to all future events.

Within the Individual Settings tab you can also add someone as a Third Party Recipient.

Third Party Notifications

With Third Party Recipients you can add someone by name / email to receive custom counts / notifications without having to include them as a collaborator. If a Third Party Recipient is added on an Organization level, they will automatically receive notifications on ALL events unless you turn off all of their event preferences within a certain event.

My Preferences

Change what preferences you personally receive. If a collaborator has set their own notification preferences at an organization or event level, that user’s preferences will overrule any defaults.

We hope you take full advantage of these advanced notification settings. Why wouldn't you want current updates on how your events are performing without having to go searching? As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions customizing the notification settings. We would be happy to help!

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