What is a will call ticket?

Where is will call?

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Will call is a delivery method that requires you to pick up your tickets at the venue, unless otherwise noted. Will call is usually located near the entrance and are usually set to be picked up the day of the event. Keep in mind that will call locations and pick up times frames may not be the same for all events. If your tickets are Will Call please check the event page to see if there are any listed directions. This information can usually be found under the even't 'purchase conditions' or 'details'. For example....

If you need further clarification, feel free to contact the event organizer or our support team to double check specific instructions. Or have NIGHTOUT Support transfer your ticket to another name! Just contact us and we will help take care of you.   

Something to keep in mind:
When picking up will call tickets please make sure to have the following with you as they might be required: 

  1. A valid government issued photo ID 

  2. The credit card used to complete the purchase 

  3. your order number and/or confirmation email 

If you have any more questions or confusions feel free to email us at support@nightout.com or call 800-936-3126!

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