My name is on the ticket.

Can someone else use a ticket with my name. Changing the name on my ticket.

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Yes they can! For digital, or printed tickets, it usually doesn't matter if your name is on the ticket. Tickets are validated primarily based on the ticket number and QR code, not the name on the ticket. If you are buying more than one ticket, or giving a ticket to a friend, each ticket may have your name printed on them but can be used by others as they have different QR codes. Please be aware that any and all updated ticket information must be completed before the event begins. 

There are a few ways to distribute your tickets :

  1. You can print the ticket and mail or hand off the physical ticket

  2. You can email the PDF version of the ticket or text a screenshot picture from the app

  3. You can always email NIGHTOUT Support ( and we can transfer the ticket to another NIGHTOUT account. 

  4. Keep in mind, when using the first two methods - the ticket will still have your (the ticket purchaser) name on it, unless otherwise updated by you. If you use the third, it will change to the customer we transfer to!

  5. You can change the name on your tickets. Simply, login to your NIGHTOUT account, select my tickets, and update the ticket holder's name. Once you have done this, you can re-send your email confirmation and/or text the updated tickets to the new ticket owner. 

Important for Will Call or Guest List tickets : If your tickets are Will Call or Guest List, then the organizer might require the original purchaser ID to use the ticket. Please contact the organizer or support to double check. Or have NIGHTOUT Support transfer your ticket to another name! Just contact us and we will help take care of you. 

If you have any more questions or confusions feel free to email us at or call 800-936-3126!

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