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I bought a ticket from someone. Can I use it?
I bought a ticket from someone. Can I use it?
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Short answer - yes! However please read below to ensure you are aware of the risks involved and how to get an official ticket transfer.

NIGHTOUT tickets are generally transferrable, however we cannot guarantee the validity of a transferred ticket. The only way to ensure a ticket you purchased is valid and only being used by you is to have the ticket transferred into your NIGHTOUT account.

To do this, have the original ticket buyer email Support at with their order information as well as the transfer information (name and email) and our Support Staff can make the transfer. This way, the ticket will only be available in the correct account and there is no risk of buying a fake or duplicate ticket. You and the original buyer must arrange payment still, as we can only handle the transfer.

Keep in mind, we cannot guarantee the validity of any physical and/or digital ticket purchased through a third party website, physical location or person, nor can we give information out to anyone other than the original purchaser regarding an order. If you have purchased from a third party you are doing so at your own risk and NIGHTOUT is not liable for its validity and/or your entry to the event.

Important Disclaimer: Some organizers may state that tickets are non-transferrable in which case they may require that the original ticket buyer use the ticket. Contact NIGHTOUT Support or the event's organizer directly to find out exactly what their ticket transfer policies are.

If you have any more questions or confusions feel free to email us at!

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