Ticket pricing and availability
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Tickets for popular events may sell out quickly - So get yours early if you want to attend!
Event organizers decide how many tickets they are going to sell, and sometimes will release these in tiers (early bird, last minute etc.). If you have questions about the amount of tickets available, contact the event Organizer directly or NIGHTOUT Support at support@nightout.com. Occasionally, additional tickets may be available prior to the event. However, NIGHTOUT does not control this inventory or its availability.
Event organizer contact information is posted on every event in the footer, and will include their email, phone number and other ways to reach out. We can also help you locate this information if you contact NIGHTOUT Support.

​ ​In some cases, NIGHTOUT or other distribution channels may receive additional, subsequent allocations of tickets for distribution, which may arguably be of similar or higher desirability than those sold on the Site, or may be offered for sale at lower prices than prices charged on the Site.
 If you have any more questions or confusions feel free to email us at support@nightout.com!

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