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Issues with lost and stolen tickets
Issues with lost and stolen tickets
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Can't find your ticket in your email? This article covers all the bases!
Lost your printed tickets? Your tickets can always be accessed in your Stash.

If you have any other issues with lost or stolen tickets, please contact NIGHTOUT Support at or 800-936-3126 for assistance. We can always resend your confirmation email if you can't find it in your email - and help you track down your tickets!

Keep in mind, you, as the ticket buyer, are solely responsible for your print and digital tickets. If you lose, have your tickets stolen, account hijacked or duplicate tickets NIGHTOUT is in no way responsible or liable for refunds, damages, or otherwise as a result of mishandling or misuse of digital or print tickets. Under no circumstances will a replacement ticket or refund be issued for any ticket that has been damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed, hijacked, or otherwise.

For more details check out our Terms & Conditions.

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