NIGHTOUT makes it easy for anyone to create events!

First things first... To create events on NIGHTOUT we have to start with the basics:

  1. In order to start creating events you must have a registered NIGHTOUT account. Don't have a NIGHTOUT account? No problem, create one here.
  2. You must create a NIGHTOUT Organization before you can create an event. If you do not already have an organization page you can go here and select "Get Started."
  3. If you went to "Get Started," you will jump right into making an event. Already have an organization on NIGHTOUT? Awesome, to create an event start here!
  4. From there, NIGHTOUT will walk you through the event creation process.

Don't forget to carefully review our Organizer Terms & Conditions before you start creating events on NIGHTOUT.

Create an Event

First, you must create or select an organization to start building your event page. Then, NIGHTOUT will provide an "Event Details" template for you to simply enter information & details about your event in the required fields.

Event Details - tips on customizable features

  • Custom URL (long link)
  • Subdomain (short link)
  • Event Poster - to make your event page look great, upload an Event Poster. This any image or graphic you want to represent your event.
  • Event Description WYSWG - embed videos or images into your event description
  • Event Location - be sure to include the location of your event. In order for your event to show up on NIGHTOUT you must include the event location... plus doing so creates an awesome interactive map your event page.

Adding & Editing Ticket Types

  • Ticket Types - Early Bird, GA, VIP, etc.
  • Ticket Description - best place to mention what the ticket includes, especially when you have different ticket types
  • Ticket Quantity - max/min of tickets that can be purchased per user
  • Ticket Price - when adding ticket price please keep in mind you have two options for the service fee
  • Service Fee - covers credit card processing as well as all of Night Out’s service fees
  • Passing on vs. Absorbing the Service Fee - earn the full face value the ticket or absorb the fee which will take the fee out of the face value of the ticket.
  • On-sale Rules
  • Advanced Ticket Settings

Publishing your event

When you reach the final step of the event creation process you can choose to make your event live or keep it in draft mode if you want to hold off on publishing the event.

Publishing your event makes it live and discoverable to search engines and on Once published, you can set your privacy settings. By default we list all created events on NIGHTOUT. However, you can opt-out and choose to not list it. You have the following publish settings when making your event live:

  • Show publicly on NIGHTOUT
  • Only show on your organization profile page
  • Keep private & only accessible by link

Pro-tip: Don't forget to enter your Purchase Conditions after you have finished creating your event.

Customizing your event page

Event page customization is one of the defining features of NIGHTOUT. Our 'Custom Design' feature allows you to customize your own theme or use one from our Theme Library. Don't see a theme you like, have an image you would like to use as the background or are interested in a custom or branded theme? Feel free to contact NIGHTOUT Support at [email protected] for more details.

Don't stop there - NIGHTOUT has even more features to customize & drive sales on your event page!

  • Will there be live music at your event? Include a Featured Artist to show their info on your page
  • Feature photos of the venue or past events with Photo Galleries
  • Do you promote your event on Facebook? If so, install our Facebook App and include a Share Incentive for your ticket buyers.
  • Encourage your ticket buyers to attend your future events with Additional Event Listings

Payout Information

Last, but not least, don't forget to cash in on all your successful events! In order to receive your sales revenue you MUST fill out all fields within the "Payout Information" tab on your Organization Dashboard.

Thank you for choosing NIGHTOUT as your ticketing provider! Our Sales and Partner Success Team are available to answer any questions you may have regarding the features, functionality and customization opportunities of NIGHTOUT. In any case, they are here to assist with the set-up / launch process of your event pages. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or need assistance creating or managing any of your current or future events.

If you need assistance within your organization or event dashboard please contact your sales representative or Brittany Borsuk, our Director of Partner Success. Brittany can be contacted via email at [email protected] or by phone 805.364.3351.

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