NIGHTOUT collects information from customers that you have access to, either by searching for a specific customer or by exporting an attendee list.
 Exporting an attendee list is done by navigating to the 'Attendee' tab and choosing the far left tab in the center 'Export Attendees'. From there, you can decide what information you would like to export - name, email, answer to custom questions, price paid etc and then hit 'Export' on the bottom right.
 Attendee reports will be generated as Comma Separated Values (.csv) which can be opened using Excel or another spreadsheet application.
 Attendee lists are great for downloading contacts to add to mailing lists, collecting answers to questions you have asked customers and more.
 If you have trouble exporting your attendee list, or have any other questions - call NIGHTOUT Support at 800-936-3126 or email [email protected]

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