At NIGHTOUT, we do our best to make discovering events and ordering tickets through our platform as convenient and efficient as possible, whether on your computer, a tablet or mobile device. NIGHTOUT provides a valuable service for event attendees, organizers, promoters and venues, and relies on revenue from Ticketing Fees to pay for all the costs associated with our platform and service such as, but not limited to, web hosting, customer & organizer support, credit and debit card processing services, merchant fees, computer hardware & software, telephone lines, and labor.
 Our Ticketing Fees are typically significantly lower than the industry average, and we make sure to clearly display all fees associated with each ticket during the purchase process on every event. Also, we will never have hidden fees that are added at checkout - all fees will be displayed on the event page.

 Can I avoid fees by buying tickets at a physical location or box office?
 For some events, reduced fees may be available by purchasing tickets directly from the Event Organizer, Promoter or at the box office. NIGHTOUT is not involved in physical or box office sales. Contact the Event Organizer or Promoter for the event directly for detailed information on these options.
 If you have any more questions or want more details about our fees, feel free to email us at [email protected]!

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