Sell tickets on Wix

To get the best experience on Wix we recommend using a hybrid of Tickets Everywhere and their native tools.

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Using Wix's Lightboxes and Iframe’s feature we are able to create a more native experience. Here is how it is done:

1. Create your Lightboxes

In the content menu select Lightbox. Add a lightbox, name it and size appropriately.

Step 2. Add an HTML Iframe content block

Inside the lightbox ad an HTML iframe content block.

Step 3. Paste the Backstage Tickets Snippet

Paste the iframe HTML snippet on from Backstage Integrations > Embed Tools

Once you paste the snippet you may need to tweak the size of your iframe to fit the content accordingly.

Step 4. Add your Button and Connect it to a Lightbox

In the content blocks. Add a button.

Update the button styles and link it to the Lightbox

You may need to click a down arrow if you have multiple Lightboxes

Step 5. Repeat!

This way if you can have multiple buttons link to the same lightbox and you'll be selling tickets on Wix in no time. 🚀

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