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Welcome to your Activity Feed
Welcome to your Activity Feed

See everything happening with your events in real-time

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Welcome to your Activity Feed!

See everything happening with your events in real-time!

This is quite possibly our favorite feature to date and we've been SO excited to bring it to you! 

It all started years ago when we wanted to see activity across the entire platform. We developed a live dashboard that showed orders, new customers, payouts, etc. 

Here's how the first version looked

As loud "Cha-chings!" echoed across the office with every purchase we couldn't help but stay glued to the screen with pure joy! In that moment, we knew we had something our Backstage customers would love and we have been dreaming of bringing it to you ever since.

Flash forward to today and we've re-imaged this early prototype into the fun and useful Activity Feed built for you!

Complete with real-time updates like ticket sales, customer updates, team updates, and more. Each activity is accompanied with a unique sound and relevant link or action.

Choose from a library of themed sound packs

One thing we were excited to add were themed sound packs. Each one features a collection of unique and fun sounds that come through as the feed is updated. So be sure to click through each and find your favorite. 

Our current in-house favorite is the Adlib pack complete with a Migos style "Cash!"

Of course you can always mute them if you get too distracted by
the literal sound of money ringing in! Your call ;)

The Activity Feed is currently in live Beta and we have some features we plan on rolling out soon to make it even more amazing including customizable mile-stones and filtered alert types, so stay tuned.

Check it out here and be sure to turn the volume to 11:
Go to your Backstage Dashboard  —>  Activity Tab

And as always we are here to help so reach out if you need us.


The entire NIGHTOUT team

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