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Chargeback Protection by Backstage
Chargeback Protection by Backstage

Enroll in our chargeback protection program that will free you from the financial responsibility and burden of chargebacks.

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Why do I need this?
Regardless of how great your event is, you may experience chargebacks from fraudulent purchases or dishonest customers who try and take advantage of the system by disputing an order with their bank after attending your event. Chargeback Protection gives you peace of mind and protects you and your profits.

How it Works
Chargeback Protection is an added percentage to your current service fees that are paid by the ticket buyer. You’ll get complete coverage of all chargebacks regardless of the bank issued reason (Unrecognized Charge, Fraudulent, Duplicate Charge, Product Not Received, etc.). It’s that simple and doesn’t affect your bottom line.


What is a Chargeback and how are they currently handled?
A chargeback is when a customer disputes a charge with their bank. You can learn more about why chargebacks happen here.

If a cardholder files a chargeback with their bank, Nightout's policy is to investigate and fight all chargebacks on behalf of the organizer. To do this we communicate with the involved banks, customers or other parties and provide evidence to prove the sale was legitimate.

We’re proud of the strategies we've developed for fighting chargebacks and our rate of winning chargebacks exceeds industry standards and we are always improving.

Even though we do our best to win every claim, some claims are lost and the funds are issued to the customer. In this case you as the organizer are ultimately responsible for covering the losses from the chargebacks, unless you are enrolled in Chargeback Protection.

How do I activate Chargeback Protection?
All you need to do is let your Backstage sales rep know that you’d like to opt into the service and we’ll handle updating your service fee and tickets. If you don't know your representative you can email us here:

How quickly can I opt in?
The service is available right now and all you need to do is let us know you’d like to move forward.

When does coverage start?
As soon as you get confirmation from our team that your account has been updated tickets sold from that date on will be fully covered that are not a result of the circumstances below in the “What’s not Included” section..

What exactly is covered?
Chargebacks that are filed from your events will be covered so long as the order was placed after your Chargeback Protection was activated and are not as a result of the circumstances below in the “What’s not Included” section.

What’s not included?
Any chargebacks resulting from event cancellations for any reason and/or date changes/rescheduling of an event and you do not offer to issue full refunds to ticket buyers. 

Chargebacks resulting in failure on your end to provide the expected service, including but not limited to; denied entry to guests, over capacity issues, a change or deviation in the expected experience/service from what you advertised to ticket buyers through the Site or elsewhere, your non-compliance with the Purchase Conditions you set, your violation of the NIGHTOUT Organizer Terms and Conditions and/or Privacy Policy, or any unlawful act by you, the venue or any party to the event. In the event a chargeback does occur as a result of any of these reasons you will be invoiced for amount of the chargeback(s) plus a $15.00 fee charged by the merchant processor, Stripe, and subject to means of collection laid out in the “Settlements, Invoicing & Collection” sections of NIGHTOUT’s Organizer Terms & Conditions and/or your Agreement with NIGHTOUT..

Does Chargeback Protection cover existing or past disputes?
No. Chargeback Protection is not retroactive and only applies to future events and ticket sales after the activation date.

We reserve the right to change, renegotiate or discontinue this service at any time at our sole discretion.

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