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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Regarding Cancellations & Rescheduling of Events
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Regarding Cancellations & Rescheduling of Events

Best practices and what to do if you are an event organizer and you must cancel or reschedule an event due to the coronavirus.

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We are monitoring the impacts of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic very closely based on the rules and recommendations set forth by the CDC, WHO, and the local municipalities in which we operate. Universal safety and customer satisfaction remain our top priorities at the moment. Throughout this difficult time, it is very important that we all stick together as a community and weather this storm in the most efficient way possible.  

Due to the high volume of required event cancellations and postponements, we would like to outline best practices to ensure any and all actions moving forward are handled in the best way possible.

How To Make An Informed Decision

  • We highly recommend that all our clients and their customers closely follow the regulations and recommendations set forth by the CDC, WHO, the state, and city in which their event(s) is/are occurring. This will give you the latest updates and allow you to make an informed decision on how you should proceed with your event(s).

Event Cancellation

  • If you are cancelling your event(s), whether this is by choice or you are required to do so, please immediately take any and all tickets off sale. You can do this by editing the ticket display and setting all ticket types to show as Cancelled:

  • This will allow your customers to know the event is cancelled when they visit your page, and will also take tickets off sale to prevent additional purchases.

  • Next, please contact your sales rep and let them know which event(s) are canceled. If you are not sure who your dedicated sales rep is, please email

  • We will be refunding all customers as quickly as possible. Due to the high volume of cancellations, customers will see a refund on their bank statement within 15-21 business days. *This timeline is subject to change. 

  • In all refund cases, guests will receive their full purchase face value. This will include the ticket price, and any additional fees that you as the organizer may have set.  

  • Our service charge and the credit card processing will not be refunded in any case. Should you want your guests to receive a full refund on their purchase, you as the event organizer can incur that total. In which case we will send you an invoice for the total. Please contact your sales rep to coordinate full refunds. 

  • For any and all customer inquiries that you are receiving, please do not send individual customers to us to request a refund for an event that has been canceled. Instead, please let me know that you have been in touch with us, all customers are currently being refunded, and they will see their funds back in 15-21 business days. 

  • At this time, timely and effective communication with guests will help ensure customer satisfaction and limit the event of chargebacks and disputes. As soon as you decide to cancel your event, please let all attendees know they will be receiving a refund. This will be most effective if you announce on your social avenues as well as direct emails.  

Event Postponement

  • For cases of event postponement, tickets can either be marked as postponed or remain on sale with the updated event date(s).

  • Whether immediately, or at a later date, once you get your new event date(s) confirmed, you change the date for your event (on the Event Details tab under the Details header on Backstage). All tickets and attendee information will remain valid for that new date. 

  • Please contact your sales rep directly to let them know your policy with how you will be handling refund requests for attendees who can’t attend the new date. They will communicate your policy with our support team to handle any incoming inquiries accordingly. 

  • For any and all customers that reach out to you directly, please do not send them to us to request a refund. Instead, please collect their information to compile a list containing the guest’s name, email and order number to send to us. We can then refund all customers once we receive that list.  

We are certainly hoping for the best for all of our event organizers and their attendees at this time. We understand the severity of the ramifications this pandemic has caused. We are happy to do all we can to ensure the continued success of our clients. Should you have any questions beyond the above, please contact your sales rep directly, or

Thank you and stay safe! 

The NIGHTOUT team 

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