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Virtual Ticket Validation Method
Virtual Ticket Validation Method
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We're helping you go virtual! Many event producers are taking their experiences digital and to help you adapt, we've added a new Virtual Ticket delivery method. This option is now available in the Validation Methods on the ticket type form to use when creating your Virtual Tickets on Backstage.

To activate on an event, simply create a new Ticket Type or edit any existing Ticket Type's Validation Method to be a "Virtual Ticket".

Once your Ticket Type(s) are updated to be a "Virtual Ticket", you will want to update the Order Confirmation Message under the same Ticket Type(s) on that sub-tab to include instructions for your attendees to access their Virtual Experience. You can add any text, links, graphics, etc. you need, which will appear on the customer's Order Confirmation Page and Confirmation Email. Examples below - 

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, we are here to help you in any way. Please reach out to your sales rep or email


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