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Virtual Experiences are popping up all over and can be very beneficial on a number of levels for not only your loyal customers but for your business as well. We are here to help streamline that process for you and wanted to highlight the best practices we’ve seen thus far for creating an amazing and profitable virtual experience. 

Live Entertainment Experiences:

For those of us in the live entertainment space, producing virtual experiences to engage your fans has become the norm, and creating an in-home experience is easier than ever with our Virtual Ticket Type paired with any and all live streaming platforms. 

Some great steaming experiences we’ve seen: 

  • Live DJ or music sets

  • Full production digital festivals

  • Immersive theater performances

  • Comedy shows

  • Meet & greets with the talent or artists

In addition to the live streaming experience, you can also capitalize on your reach to drive more revenue through donations, selling merchandise, sponsorships or partnering with other brands and much more. 

Examples - 

The Kit Method Experience: 

If you are in craft and or hospitality, this is a fantastic offering to consider. With the Kit Method, you can create any preset offering to sell to customers to have them pick up at your location, or have delivered to their residence. 

Some cool concepts we have seen: 

  • In-home brunch & coffee pairing

  • Roll your own sushi 

  • Beer, wine, or spirits, and food pairing

  • Craft Beer at home festival

  • Cocktail class mixology kit

  • Yoga mat & local beer pairings

What really takes this style of "virtual event" to the next level is the class, experience, or lesson associated. Once your customers have their kit, you can send them the link to your stream so they can interact or follow along from home. 

Examples - 

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