NIGHTOUT realizes that, depending on what kind of event you are planning, you will need to adjust your ticket delivery options. That's why we give you choices, or rather solutions, to ensure you have the most efficient check-in possible.
When you create an event, you will be prompted to select delivery method options for each ticket type. Choose whatever options are best for your event and these methods will be presented as choices for your customers during the checkout process.
Digital Ticket
Ticket Buyers will be instructed bring their smart phones with them and pull their ticket up on their device and present it at the door. You can validate their digital ticket via their name and/or QR code using Entry Flow App or a printed Guest List.
Guest List

To validate each guest, you will cross-reference their photo ID to the Guest List. Using Entry Flow you can look up the customers name and swipe to cross them off the real-time Guest List.
Printed Ticket
Ticket Buyers will be instructed to print their tickets and bring with them to show at the door or entrance of the event. To validate you may use the digital guest list and match up the ticket buyers name and/or their ticket number. In Entry Flow, you can scan the QR code to check them in or look up the customer's name manually.
Will Call
Ticket Buyers will be instructed to pick up their tickets at the window when they arrive at the event. You can validate them via photo ID and/or name. Their name will be on the Will Call list that is viewable and downloadable from the 'Attendee' tab in your dashboard. Entry Flow can be used to look up customer names with or without physical tickets or scan QR codes located on the tickets.
No mater what delivery method you choose, each ticket buyer will always be added to your 'Digital Guest List' under 'Entry Solutions'.
To easily manage checking in your customers, we recommend downloading the Entry Flow App which can be found in the App Store here! Entry Flow works seamlessly with NIGHTOUT's ticketing to scan digital or printed tickets and allow for easy customer look-up using real-time updated guest lists.
If you have any questions on these delivery methods, or would like to request a new delivery method, please contact us at

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