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My organization & event page links.
My organization & event page links.

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Where can I customize / create my organization and event page links? 

Customizing your URL is a simple feature you definitely want to take advantage of! By customizing your URL you can make your event easier to find in search engine results (SEO) and also create short link to share on social media, flyers and spread via word of mouth. URL customizations are found under the 'General Info' tab and during the event creation process.

Your Custom URL is automatically generated with information from your event, however, we recommend customizing the URL to boost your events SEO results. We suggest including the name of your event, the location, venue name, featured artist or acts and any other tags that you find relevant - just be sure to separate each word with a dash "-".
Once you create your Custom URL it'll probably be pretty long, which is where a Subdomain Link comes in handy. A custom Subdomain allows you to create a short catchy link that can be posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), flyers or shared other ways. You can choose any name you want (even one word!) and your event will be accessible by that link. Use your Subdomain to promote your event so potential customers can type a short link and get instantly directed to your event page!
​ Tips -

  • Keep in mind when using a custom Subdomain, you shouldn't use 'www' before the link. For example, the correct format for a subdomain link is NOT

  • URLs and Subdomains can be 'broken' if you change them at any point. So if you already shared a subdomain on Facebook and decide to change the link, the previously posted links will NOT work.

  • The more information you include in your Custom URL it allows for optimal search engine results.

  • If you want to reuse a Subdomain from a past event, make sure to change the old one first (if the event is over, it won't matter what you change it to). No two events can have the same Subdomain. Contact if you have any more questions.

Where can I find my organization and event page links? 

Finding links to your event and profile pages has never been so simple... With the "Page Links" & "Event Links" buttons you can copy and paste your URL or subdomain right from your dashboard! These buttons are located near the top right of your Organization and Event Dashboard.

Pretty simple right? We hope you find this feature useful! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you need assistance finding your page or event links - we're always here to help. Thank you!

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