How do I cancel an event?
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Sometimes things come up, and you might have to cancel your event (bummer!), but don't worry, NIGHTOUT Support is here to help.
When you find out you will need to cancel, please notify NIGHTOUT Support right away, by calling 800-936-3126 or emailing
Halting ticket sales is the first step after an event cancellation, this can be done a couple of ways

  • Hide or remove the event from being live to the public - you can do this by putting the event into 'Draft' mode. To move an event to 'Draft' mode go to the "Settings" header and select the the "Publish Settings" tab. 

  • Hide or mark the ticket types as cancelled - this is done under the "Ticket Type" tab under the "Tickets" header. Once in the ticket types dash you can adjust the display settings for ALL tickets on the top of the list of tickets by selecting "Set All."

  • Hiding the event will remove it from all listings and be inaccessible by any links, hiding or changing the ticket settings will leave the event posted and visible, but will prevent any new ticket purchases. 

If you choose the second method listed above, it is probably a good idea to include a note in the event title and description letting potential customers know about the cancellation. (i.e. "Holiday Party - Cancelled"). 

In the case of an event being cancelled it is extremely important to notify ticket holders as soon as possible. To notify ticket buyers you can export their email addresses from the Order Export which you can access here.
The next step will be issuing refunds for your ticket-buyers. NIGHTOUT Support can handle that all for you, so give us a call 800-936-3126 or email at!

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