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How can I create recurring events?
How can I create recurring events?

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NIGHTOUT's recurring event feature is perfect for saving time and effort when creating events that repeat on multiple occasions. Whether your event happens every Tuesday, the first week of June, the last Thursday of every month or even daily - NIGHTOUT has got you covered!

Creating a Recurring Event

To create a reoccurring event page you can do so during the event create process. When creating your recurring event follow these steps: 

  1.  Start by creating an event page. When creating your event you are going to want to make sure you are filling out the information on the "Event Details" section as if you were creating a SINGLE event date. You will want to use the dates / times for the FIRST event date of the reoccurring event series. 

  2. While creating that "single" event, you will notice hyperlinked text that asks "Does This Event Recur?" under the "Date & Time" section on the "Event Details" page.  

  3. To create a reoccurring event click "yes" under the "Does This Event Recur?" header. 

  4. Clicking yes will open a pop-up window that allows you to customize the parameters of your occurrences. 

  5. Once you have added the reoccurring rules you will move on with creating the event as if you were creating a single event page. 

  6. When you get to your ticket types, just like the event details, you will want to use start and end sale dates and times that are specific to the single or first date of the event you are currently creating. 

  7. Following these rules will allow ALL dates within the series to populate correctly and adopt the correct event date and start time along with on and off sale dates and times. 

Dashboard Navigation Within Recurring Events

After you have set up your recurring event you will notice the event dashboard is a bit different then single event dashboards on NIGHTOUT. 

  1. With recurring events you will have a "Master Event" along with all of the single event dates within the series. The "Master Event" is where you can make global changes that will update ALL events / ticket types within the series at once, quickly and easily. The "Master Event" is also where you will be able to create promo codes, add collaborators or promoters and manage default event settings.

  2. To access / view the "Master Event" and all single event dates you will click "manage" next to any event that is included in a recurring event from your Organization Dashboard or under "My Events."

  3. Once in the Event Dashboard view for that given date you selected you will notice a yellow box under the event title at the top of the webpage that states the date of the event dashboard you are on. If you click on that yellow box, you will then be taken to the event list for ALL dates + the "Master Event" for that recurring event.  It is from here, that you can then manage global changes on the "Master Event" or make specific changes to certain event dates. 

  4. Changes for single event dates - you will also be able to make changes to the event title, details, tickets, etc. within each single event within the series that will only apply to that event date.  

Keep in mind, when you publish multiple occurrences, customers will be able to choose which event they wish to attend from a drop down menu on the event page. You can edit this to have the single event dates within a recurring event to show immediately, one day before, one week before or one month before. 

If you need assistance within your organization or event dashboard please contact your sales representative or contact NIGHTOUT Support at or 800-936-3126.

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