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Can I get hard copy tickets printed?
Can I get hard copy tickets printed?
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If you would like to have hard copy paper tickets to use as giveaways, sell in stores, distribute to promotors or more - NIGHTOUT can do that for you!
Hard copy tickets are 25 cents per ticket, and we can ship them to you wherever you are. Hard copy ticket orders can be processed and printed day-of on weekday and first thing Monday if sent over the weekend.
Our tickets are sleek, customizable and work seamlessly with our Entry Flow app.
 Tickets can be customized by the following fields :

  • Header -this defaults to the name of your event, but can be modified

  • Subheader -great place to include supporting artists or sponsoring organizations

  • Date - date is populated from event details

  • Location - location is populated from event details

  • Fine Print - best place to include age restrictions, refund policy, door times etc. 

  • Ticket Type - VIP, General Admission, Early Admission, GA 18 + etc.

  • Price - can be different than the online ticket price

Please email all details, including shipping address and desired arrival date for tickets, to and we will be in contact shortly with a proof!

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