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How to create ticket tiers / early bird pricing
How to create ticket tiers / early bird pricing
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Implementing some form of tiered ticket prices has many benefits, namely encouraging people to buy tickets early rather than last minute. This benefits you as an organizer, because you can grab customers right when they see the event- instead of later, as they could potentially forget about your awesome event! Tiers also make your event seem more appealing and exclusive if you are displaying 'Sold Out' tiers. Also - repeat event attendees who are aware of your early bird specials can be rewarded by taking advantage of the discounts.
Convinced? Well setting up ticket tiers is a breeze on NIGHTOUT. There are two general ways to create tiered tickets:

  1. Limited by quantity

  2. Triggered by on-sale and off-sale date. 

  3. For example you could have Early Bird tickets only available until 2 weeks prior to your event and/or limited to 50 tickets. 

After creating ticket types like normal (explained in detail here), you can create tiered tickets under the "On Sale Settings." 

Keep in mind dates that tickets go on sale will be displayed on the event page, but ticket quantity will NOT be displayed. If you want to advertise quantity, be sure to include it in the description i.e. 'Only 50 available!'.
You will need to create more than one ticket type to have a tiered system, but feel free to experiment with how many works best for your event. Some organizers will implement 'Early Bird' and 'General Admission', some add 'Last Minute' and some have up to 5 tiers!
If you have questions about tiered tickets or need help setting up a tiered system that works for you, call NIGHTOUT Support at 800-936-3126 or email!

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