NIGHTOUT knows that throwing awesome events can cost money, so we have designed a flexible payout structure to make sure you get your funds ASAP!

First and foremost, if you are selling tickets on NIGHTOUT, you will need to update your tax and payout information. This information is organization-wide, not event based, and can be inputted under the 'Payout Info' tab. 

You MUST fill out all of your organizations information in the Payout Information section under the Settings tab on your organization dashboard in order to receive event payouts. Keep in mind when selecting payment options that there is a $5 service fee for payouts issued by check, and ACH bank transfers are free (and faster!).

Payouts are issued within 5 business days (and usually much sooner), and are generally faster when ACH transferred. 

If you are having trouble updating your payout information you can send a W-9 to and we will take care of the rest.
If you need funds before your event, we can arrange a flexible payout structure to get you access to your money before the event! Email or call 800-936-3126 and we will discuss options!

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