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How to bundling tickets (creating ticket packages).

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NIGHTOUT's bundling ticket feature is an easy way to make ticket packages for groups and combinations of tickets. These bundles are great for offering group discounts, family specials or a way to combine a variety of tickets for a cheaper price.

  1. To create a bundle, first you need to create ALL the ticket types that are going to be included in the bundle. This is a crucial step to ensure you aren't confused later! Create these tickets just like normal - do not select the checked box for - thats the next step. 

  2. After creating all the to-be-bundled ticket types, you can create the bundle! Start by adding a new ticket type, just like normal, but in the name, description and fine print make sure to include all the details of the bundle. It is extremely helpful for the customer to understand exactly what the bundle includes - for example 'Bundle includes ONE General Admission and ONE Child Ticket'. Then select the 'Settings' button and check the box labeled 'Bundle'.

  3. You will have the option of adding any tickets you have previously created and can make numerous combinations in more than one bundle. 

  4. Saving will add your newly created bundle as a ticket type and display it on your event page! Bundles are great because as they are purchased, they will update the sales for the ticket types included. For example, the bundle pictured above would subtract one GA ticket and one child ticket from the total available every time it is purchased.
    If you have any questions about bundles, or would like to be walked through the bundling process - give Support a call at 800-936-3126 or email

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