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How can I customize the design on my event page?
How can I customize the design on my event page?

Event page theme, design and look.

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Event page customization is one of the defining features of We wanted to make it easy for event organizers who host amazing events for awesome people to sell tickets on a custom designed, sexy and easy to use website.
First and foremost, to make your event page look great - you will want to upload an Event Poster. This can be a pre-designed poster, venue or artist picture, or any image you want to represent your event. You can upload this picture during the 'Create My Event' step by step process, or afterwards under the 'Event Details' tab.
Next, we recommend changing the design theme of your event page. The 'Custom Design' allows you customize your own event page design to align with your brand or event theme. Once your event is created you can customize the look and feel of your event page under the "Design" tab under the "Page" header. 

Design Feature Specs

  • Color - customize the color of the page, text and tickets fields 

  • Fonts - select from a variety of fonts to match your marketing material.

  • Event Banner - upload a custom banner to be placed at the top of your event page. This image can be a logo or a different version of your event poster.

  • Background Image - spice up you event page and fill the background with an image / design that complements your events theme or poster design. 

  • Advanced Design Elements - take your design even further by taking advantage hiding or reorganizing small details on your event page.

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