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Can I incorporate a hashtag or Facebook event page on my NIGHTOUT event pages?
Can I incorporate a hashtag or Facebook event page on my NIGHTOUT event pages?

Using Social Stream

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Our revolutionary Social Stream brings your event page to life with posts from Twitter, Instagram and Facebook via any hashtag or Facebook event URL. This feature is a simple way to add pictures and tweets to your event page, and show potential customers what to expect from your events!
Social Stream can be activated under the "Page" header within the "Social Stream" tab simply by adding a hashtag and/or Facebook event URL.
A hashtag will pull tweets from Twitter and pictures from Instagram that contain that hashtag and Facebook event will pull posts and updates from the event.
Once enabled, your event page will be automatically populated with a variety of real time social media - check out this example :
 Don't know what to hashtag for Social Stream? Here are some ideas!

  • ​Venue specific tags if the event is at a prominent bar or club - #JacksonsDenver

  • Holiday or event related tags - #HalloweenNYC or #NewYearsEve above!

  • General location tags - #SanFrancisco

  • Hosting a festival? Expect people to hashtag your fest & location - #SBBeerFest

  • Yearly events can preview whats to come by showcasing past pics - #ForkFest2013

Feel free to try a few hashtags to see which work best - then sit back and watch Social Stream pull more and more content in as your event gets talked about over social media!
Confused about Social Stream? Give NIGHTOUT Support a call at 800-936-3126 or email us at

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