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Adding and editing ticket types

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When creating an event on NIGHTOUT, you are prompted to create your ticket types. You can also manage, updated or add ticket types to under the "Ticket Types" tab under the "Tickets" header. 

Creating Ticket Types

  1. You can create/add new tickets by selecting "New Ticket Type" during the event create process or by navigating to the "Ticket Types" tab under the "Tickets" Header. 

  2. You can name your tickets whatever you like, be it 'General Admission', 'VIP' or 'Super Awesome Silver Platinum Fun-Pass'. Our system also allows you to include detailed descriptions that will be visible on the event page. The ticket description is the best place to mention what the ticket includes, especially when you have different ticket types. 

  3. Next, adjust the ticket quantity, quantity per user and minimum quantity per user. The quantity per user limits how many tickets each customer can purchase, and can be as little as one and as large as the ticket quantity. 

  4. After setting up the ticket price, enter in the available dates, select the validation or delivery method (explained in detail here), click 'Create Ticket Type' and you're done!

  5. When adding ticket price, keep in mind you have two options for the service fee. This automatically generated fee covers credit card processing as well as all of NIGHTOUT's service fees and can be passed on to the ticket buyer, or absorbed into the price.

Across the top of the ticket type edit page you will see some more advances settings. 

  1. Required Information

  2. Order Confirmation Message 

  3. Advanced Settings

  4. Box Office Settings 

NIGHTOUT offers tons of customization options for your ticket types to ensure all your ticketing bases are covered.

If you have questions regarding ticket types, need help setting up a ticket with specific limitations or just want to be talked through the ticket creating process, call us at 800-936-3126 or email NIGHTOUT Support at support@nightout.com!

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