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How do I give my team access to the dashboard?
How do I give my team access to the dashboard?

Inviting collaborators to edit your event or organization

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Event planning and organizing is almost always a team effort. NIGHTOUT has created an easy way to invite people to view, edit, manage and have access (but not too much access!) to your organization or event pages.
You can choose to invite a collaborator for a specific event, or for the whole organization (which would give them access to all events within that organization).
Collaborators you invite will get an email letting them know they have been asked to be a collaborator and can accept the invitation to get access to your organization (or event). 

To invite members of your team to become a collaborator you will want to navigate to the Collaborators section under the Team tab on your organization or event dashboard.
​ Depending on the permissions you set, collaborators can:

  • Edit all aspects of your event.

  • Invite promoters to your event.

  • Invite other collaborators to your event.

  • Create unique links for your event.

  • View the overall sales statistics of the event.

  • View the guest list to your event.

  • Access ticket buyers' personal information.

  • Validate guests with the Digital Guest list and Entry Flow app.

For any questions regarding this article or inviting collaborators to your event(s), please contact or give us a call 800-936-3126.

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