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Where can I find / export my promoters sales?
Where can I find / export my promoters sales?

Promoter Tracking for the Organizer

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If you have promoters working to advertise and sell tickets for your event, giving them promoter access is a useful feature. Promoters can see their own sales stats as well as have access to their unique tracking link - making it easy for them to monitor their progress and create tracking links without having to constantly check in with the event organizer.

Invite & Track

  • Invite your promoters via email to your organization or events and always have real-time access to see promoter stats and activity.

  • To invite a promoter, select the Promotor tab on your event (or organization) dashboard.

  • Type the promoter's email in the designated field and click '+ Invite'.

  • Once invited, the promoter will automatically receive an invitation email.

  • From there, the promoter will be prompted to view their invitation via email with the option to 'Accept' or 'Ignore.'

  • Once accepted, the promoter will be redirected to their Promoter Dashboard where they will find their unique tracking link to use as well as their individual sales statistics.

Promoters on Organization Level vs. Event Level

Pro Tip: Do not create tracking links for promoters under the "Tracking Links" tab within your event dashboard. If promoters need their links please instruct them to get them in their promoter dashboard.

You can use these Custom Tracking Links to track sales generated from social media posts, websites, sponsors, artists, venues or other groups who are advertising the event!

Promoter Dashboard

  • Each promoter will have their own dashboard listing the organizations or events they are an active promoter on.

  • They can view their individual sales and ticket buyers.

  • They have the ability to create their own tracking links for their marketing channels and sub promoters

  • Learn more about the Promoter Dashboard: Promoter How-To Guide

Promoters can:

  • Access their Promoter Dashboard specifically for your event.

  • Use their unique link to promote your event.

  • View their individual sales statistics.

Promoters cannot:

  • Edit your event.

  • Access ticket buyers personal information.

  • Invite additional promoters to your event.

  • Invite collaborators to your event.

  • View the event guest list.

  • View the overall sales statistics of the event.

Stats and Reporting: What You Can Expect to See for Promoters You Invite

  • See all sales activity generated by your promoters and their tracking links on each event dashboard under 'Promoter Stats' section on the 'Sales Stats' tab.

  • Within the 'Promoter Stats' section click the promoter's name and expand the section to get the breakdown of their stats by individual ticket type.

  • Export detailed breakdown of ticket buyers referred by promoters

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