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Add an artist's bio and showcase the talent you have booked for your event.

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Artist Connect is a great tool to give your potential ticket buyers more awesome content and showcase how cool your event is!

This feature allows you to connect the artist(s) playing at your event to your ticketing page. Using this feature enables you to do a couple of great things:

First, it activates a “Featured Artist” section on your event page that will list each artist and showcase their poster, a brief bio and a link to their Artist Profile Page on NIGHTOUT.

Second, the feature links your event and shows it on the Artist’s NIGHTOUT Profile Page. Bringing more exposure to your event!

How to Activate

The “Artist Connect” feature lives within each Event Dashboard under the “Page” header. Simply click add artist and perform an artist search; once you have selected your desired featured artist it will automatically save. You can add as many artists as you have at your event, so rinse and repeat as necessary!

*One of your artists not listed on NIGHTOUT? All good, shoot us a quick message or call and we’ll get it added for you.

Get your potential ticket buyers excited and start connecting your artist(s) to your event pages! Feel free to reach out to us for questions or if you need assistance connecting your artists - we're always here to help!

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