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Upsell ticket types

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Did you know you have the option to create "upsell" ticket types or items to be sold along with other tickets you've created? Whelp, now you do! This feature is great if you're selling things like drink tickets, additional gratuity, bottle service packages, tee shirts, parking passes... or really anything!

How to create an upsell ticket type or item:

  1. Create the item/package/ticket as you would create a normal ticket type

  2. Set the item/package/ticket as an upsell item within the "Advanced Settings" and toggle on "upsell this ticket type."

  3. Select which tickets you wish to make that upsell item available for purchase with.

  4. The item/packages/ticket you have now made an upsell will be labeled on your dashboard and will be hidden from the event page until your ticket buyers select the parent ticket type and click check out.

  5. Ticket buyers will then be prompted to add the upsell ticket(s) you’ve created to their order and continue through to checkout! 

This is a feature you definitely want to take full advantage of... Why not offer some awesome additional options to a buyer already committed to attending your event?

We really hope you enjoy this feature as much as we do! If you have any questions about creating upsell tickets types, please feel free to reach out - we're always here to help. Thank you!

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