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How can I collect extra information from ticket buyers?
How can I collect extra information from ticket buyers?

Ticket Buyer Questions

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Want to learn more about your ticket buyers, or need to get additional information? Snag some general information or ask specific ticket based questions with the Ticket Buyer Questions feature.

With buyer questions we have streamlined the way you can acquire additional information from your guests. NIGHTOUT allows you to ask both order and ticket based questions to give you the ability to easily compile any additional information you want or need.

Buyer Questions on the Organization Level

Ticket buyer questions can be set as defaults under the "Default Event Settings" tab under the "Settings" on your organization dashboard. Questions set on an organization level will apply to ALL current and future events.

Creating buyer questions at the org level is a great place to ask a question like "Where did you here of (Your Organization)" or require an attendee to accept a waiver / terms and conditions.

Buyer Questions on the Event Level

Buyer questions can also be added on an event-by-event basis within the "Buyer Questions" tab under the "Tickets" header on your event dashboard. Questions set on the event level will only apply to the orders or tickets created within that specific event.

Creating ticket buyer questions on an event level is the perfect place to snag some additional info from your attendees on their way to checkout. Want additional user information? Need to get their t-shirt size? Serving food and need to ask for ticket holders dietary and food allergy information? This is your place to get those answers!

There are 2 types of Ticket Buyer Questions:

  1. Questions per order - only asked once per order upon checkout.

  2. Questions per ticket type - asked per ticket added to the buyers cart.

Where can I export my Ticket Buyer Question answers?

The best part about Ticket Buyer questions is that you can export all of the information you collect via the Ticket Buyer Question Export. This export is specifically for tickets and the questions / answers tied to them, making it easy to view and dissect all answers on a per order or per ticket basis.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about adding Ticket Buyer Questions. We would be happy to help!

Love getting as much ticket buyer information? Learn how to require ticket holder names during checkout here!

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