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Access and export all the important data collected from ticket buyers.

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It's incredibly easy to access and export all the important data you collect from buyers during checkout!

Within your event dashboard you have access to the information that NIGHTOUT collects from customers when they create a NIGHTOUT account along with all the information that pertains to their order / tickets for your event.

Customer data that is acquired through NIGHTOUT includes the ticket buyer name, email, gender, DOB, & city. However, there are additional features within your dashboard that you can use to collect even more valuable customer data.

Where can I export order / attendee information?

Exporting an order/attendee list is done by navigating to the "Reports" header within your event dashboard and selecting "Export Data." From there, you can decide what type of export you would like to download - order, attendee, or ticket buyer questions.

(Note: All exports are generated as Comma Separated Values (.csv) which can be opened using Excel or another spreadsheet application.)

Order Export:

This export will break down on a per order basis and will include all information pertaining to each order as a whole.

What does the Order Export Include?

This export will display the ticket buyers name and the detailed information about their order that was processed through their NIGHTOUT account.

Pro Tip: You should update your Additional Customer Checkout Settings! The Customer Checkout Settings feature allows you to customize what information you collect from your ticket buyers during checkout.

Why this feature is awesome: It gives you the ability to simplify check-out for your guests and require as little or as much information as you need to maximize your customer’s experience & future re-marketing to them.

Attendee Export:

This export is specifically for exporting individual attendees. This export will breakdown each order by the tickets / items within it and list attendees by the individual ticket / item assigned to them.

What does the Attendee Export Include?

This export will get you detailed information per ticket / item sold. This export is a great tool to see a detailed breakdown per item sold. You can answer questions like: who purchased the item, who is the ticket holder, what was the price for the individual item, did they use a promo code, etc.?

NIGHTOUT users have the choice to update the ticket holder name for each ticket they purchase. If someone has updated the ticket holder name for a ticket / item it will be available within the Attendee Export.

Pro Tip: You can require your customers to update all ticket holder names upon checkout by activating the Ticket Holder Prompt. With the Ticket Holder Prompt you can manage your attendees more effectively, bridging the gap between the ticket purchaser and ticket holder. Allowing info / data for the ticket holder to be clear and accessible within your event dashboard.

Ticket Buyer Question Export:

Do you take advantage of asking Ticket Buyer Questions? If not, you should really check out this feature! With Ticket Buyer Questions you can snag some general information or ask specific ticket based questions during checkout.

The best part is that you can export all of the information you collect via the Ticket Buyer Question export. This export is specifically for tickets and the questions / answers tied to them, making it easy to view and dissect all answers on a per order or per ticket basis.

What does the Buyer Question Export Include?

Like the Attendee Export, the Buyer Question export will break down each order by the individual tickets / items within it. Which will include the ticket holder and ticket buyer name along with each question and answer in their own columns making it easy to make sense of the questions you've asked and the respective answers.

If you like having the option to get personal, detailed information from your customers, they may also like to get a personal message from you! Make a lasting impression on your ticket buyers with NIGHTOUT's Custom Confirmation Messaging Feature. Custom Confirmation Messages allows you to deliver special messages to ticket buyers on their order confirmation page and confirmation email.

We hope you find all of these exports useful. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or questions exporting your order, attendee or buyer question reports. We would be happy to help! :)

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