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The Promoter Dashboard

Once logged into and having accepted your invitation, you have to access to your exclusive Promoter Dashboard.

On your Promoter Dashboard click “Manage” to access your sales information and tracking links for a specific event.

Sales Tab

This tab will always show you your up-to-date sales statistics for your promoter links - including clicks and revenue generated.

Tracking Links Tab

This is where you can view, edit and create tracking links
 You can create as many unique links as you would like - and all clicks and sales will still be attributed to you.

Each of the link types (param, subdomain and token) will record the same analytics so feel free to use whichever suits your marketing needs.

To use you can just copy and paste a link of your choosing into Facebook, hyperlink in email, Instagram, etc.

Customers Tab

This tab gives a more detailed view of your ticket buyers and includes data such as name, email, time of purchase, etc.

All of the tabs and statistics are updated in real-time as people are buying tickets and viewing your links

If you have any questions about the Promoter Dashboard feel free to email so they can assist you.

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