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Besides the basic ticket options, NIGHTOUT also offers some more technical and advanced features to cover all your ticketing needs. Advanced ticketing features can be activated and customized under the 'Settings' tab within each individual Ticket Type for any given event.

Each Ticket Type Setting has its own importance and function:

Ticket Notes

Within the 'Settings' tab, you are able to input text that appears on the print and digital ticket. This is a perfect place to copy and paste those Ticket Details (inclusions, limitations, etc) that you keyed in on the General Details of the ticket type, any event directions, policies, restrictions, directions, etc. Doing so will provide your attendees with the most pertinent information on the day-of event for reference.

Hiding a Ticket Type from Event Page

If you toggle on this feature you can quickly remove a ticket type from your event page without having to delete it.

Hiding a ticket type can be done for many reasons: maybe you want to wait until a specific date / time to start selling a particular ticket type, maybe you removed the ticket because you want to activate a new pricing tier, or you simply want to quickly remove the ticket to take it off-sale? Pro-Tip: Checkout On-Sale Rules for some simple short-cuts.

Whatever the case, having knowledge of this feature is crucial when you want to raise a price of a particular ticket. Why? Well, once a ticket has been purchased the price is locked in order to accurately reporting sales. If you would like to change the price of an existing ticket we recommend cloning the ticket, updating the price of the new ticket and HIDING the old ticket type from the event page.

Notify Me When a Ticket Is Sold

With this notification setting, you can activate a notification via email to be sent off every time this ticket type is purchased to all collaborators managing the event. This email will notifying you the moment this ticket type is purchased with all ticket information, revenue, customer information, buyer question answers, etc.

Pro Tip: manage your Organizations Notification Settings by customizing your default, individual and personal notification preferences!


Bundling tickets allows you to distribute multiple ticket types under one "parent" ticket within a purchase.

When creating a bundled ticket, you must create each ticket type first, so they appear as available tickets to tie to the parent bundled ticket type. This is a great feature for issuing multi-day passes, group buying deals, packages with multiple ticket types inside, etc. Learn more details on creating ticket bundles!

Require Time for Ticket to be Valid

You can set a specific date & time each specific ticket type to be valid. When you set a "valid at" time, this date / time will be displayed on each digital or printed ticket and override the actual event date & time for your event. This feature will also disable this ticket from being validated on Entry Flow until the specified "valid at" time.

This feature is useful for events that span over multiple times or days. For example: a weekend festival event might have some tickets valid for Saturday at noon and some for Sunday at noon, which will be explicitly noted on the tickets themselves. Or you have a VIP ticket that grants the customer entry an hour early. This feature was built to clearly note the time said ticket is valid vs the standard date & time on the event level.

Custom Confirmation Message

This feature is great because it can be used on multiple levels within an event on the NIGHTOUT platform (organization level, event level and ticket type level). This feature allows you to activate a customized message that ONLY customers who purchased that ticket type will see on the order confirmation page and order confirmation email.

This is the perfect place to included special reminders, event details, directions, policies or instructions regarding that ticket they have purchased. The Custom Confirmation Message can also be used as a marketing tool to inform your customers about other events, links to your website / social pages, etc.

Educate yourself! - learn more about Custom Confirmation Message!

Customer Checkout Settings / Ticket Holder Prompt

You have the ability to require as much or as little information from your customers during checkout. Learn about all the different Customer Checkout Settings.

We can't forget about the Ticket Holder Prompt which lives within this feature - this prompt allows you to require the ticket buyer to include the names of each individual ticket holder during checkout, which helps you manage your attendees more effectively.

Upsell this Ticket Type

This setting gives you the option to create "up-sell" ticket types or items to be sold along with other tickets you've created. This feature is great if you're selling items like drink tickets / packages, bottle service packages, merchandise, parking passes, etc.

Are you lovin' these Advanced Ticket Type settings? Well, you're in luck, we have a few more you need to take a peek at: Ticket Type On-Sale Rules, Ticket Buyer Questions, & Purchase Conditions.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have questions about any of the Advanced Ticket Type Settings. We would be happy to jump on a call to discuss or walk you through a demo!

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