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Can I create secrete, hidden or password protected tickets?
Can I create secrete, hidden or password protected tickets?
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With Ticket Passwords you can add multiple passwords to one or multiple ticket types and control the limit per password!

This feature is great because it gives you the ability to offer discounted tickets to VIPs, sponsors, artist guest list, family & friends, etc. without showing those special tickets to the general public. Plus, you still acquire all the same customer information as a normal ticket buyer!

Feature Details

Secret tickets and their passwords are controlled within your event dashboard  in the “Ticket Passwords” tab under the “Tickets” header.

If you wish to make a ticket secret and password protected, you must first create the ticket type then go to the “Ticket Passwords” tab. From here, you simply create a new password group, select the ticket(s) you want the password(s) applied to, create as many passwords you would like and set the limit per password.

Once the password is created and applied to a ticket type, the ticket is now protected and is removed from the event page. To make the ticket public all you have to do is delete the password or password group!

Once you create a password-protected ticket the ticket is only accessible via a password on your event page. Your event page will show a “Have a password?” entry location above all the public ticket types if there are any active secret tickets. Once the password is entered the hidden ticket will appear and be available for purchase.

BOOM! Now you're an expert in creating password-protected tickets! We hope you find this feature useful, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you need assistance activating a ticket password - we're always here to help. Thank you!

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