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Can I customize the confirmation sent to my ticket buyers after purchase?
Can I customize the confirmation sent to my ticket buyers after purchase?

Custom confirmation message

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The Custom Confirmation Messaging Feature allows you to deliver special messages to ticket buyers on their confirmation page and confirmation email. You can add instructions, images, links, videos images and even dynamic content such as a YouTube video, Soundcloud clip, link to your website, and much more.

There are three places where you create your Custom Confirmation Messages: you can create them as an organization default that applies to ALL purchases organization wide, on the event level for ALL buyers for a specific event, or on a single ticket type level only for buyers of that specific ticket.

Organization Default Messages

If you have a general message you'd like to get across for all of your events, you can add it at the Organization Level.

From your Organization Dashboard you can add this feature within the “Default Event Settings” tab under the "Settings" header. Keep in mind this will populate as a messaging for ALL future events you create.

This is a great way to include your general organization guidelines, refund policies, and more. Giving your ticket buyers a friendly reminder of all important information pertaining to your events.

Event Wide Messages

Once you're in the Event Dashboard navigate to the “Event Settings” tab located under the “Settings” header.

All ticket buyers for this specific event will see your custom message upon confirmation of their purchase; both on their order confirmation page and order confirmation email.

Specific Ticket Type Messages

If you want to add separate confirmation messaging for individual ticket types you can do so in the edit form each Ticket Type under the “Order Confirmation Message” Tab.

Keep in mind you can have both confirmation messages running simultaneously so buyers will see both your event wide message and the message pertaining to their specific ticket type.

We hope you find this feature useful and please don't hesitate to reach out to us for questions or if you need assistance getting your messaging set up - we're always here to help. Have a great day and thank you!

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