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How can I take an order over the phone for a ticket buyer?
How can I take an order over the phone for a ticket buyer?

Processing a payment within Box Office

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Box Office allows your team to seamlessly sell tickets anywhere on any device! Box Office lives within our Entry Flow app and on your dashboard. Learn more about Entry Flow.

Box Office Integrated Within Your Dashboard

Box Office is available right in your dashboard! You can sell tickets via any smartphone, tablet, laptop or make a sale over the phone.

  • To use Box Office as your point-of-sale simply head over to your event dashboard 

  • From there, you will want to click the "Box Office" hyperlinked text in the top right of your event dashboard. 

  • A module with all your ticket types will populate for you to add to the cart and begin to checkout. 

  • Regardless of your method of payment it is very important to collect the ticket buyers name, first and last, and email address (even if this is a comp order). This ensures you have their name on the tickets, they are added as attendees and you are able to send them their email confirmation with a link to their tickets. 

Box Office within Entry Flow

  • Box Office allows you to process credit card transactions at the door.

  • Sell any item or merchandise, with open sale

  • Easily capture customer data and create notes

  • Print, email, and even text tickets after checkout

It is important to note that by default, Box Office tickets absorb the ticketing feels. The fees are set at a reduced rate of $0.30 + 2.75%. Please contact your Sales representative if you wish to discuss passing the fees along to the ticket buyer and they can assist you. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about using Box Office or Entry Flow as your check in and onsite sales solution. We would be happy to help! For questions or device rental requests please email

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