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How can I obtain my ticket buyers shipping / billing address or phone number?
How can I obtain my ticket buyers shipping / billing address or phone number?

Additional Customer Checkout Settings

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The Customer Checkout Settings feature allows you to customize what information you collect from your ticket buyers during checkout. In addition to the default customer data that is acquired through NIGHTOUT (ticket buyer name, email, gender, DOB, & city), you now have the option to request the customer’s phone number, their shipping and billing addresses and ticket holder name

Why this feature is awesome: It gives you the ability to simplify check-out for your guests and require as little or as much information as you need to maximize your customer’s experience & future re-marketing to them.

Feature Details

The Customer Checkout Settings feature can be activated in two places:

  • If you wish to request this specific customer data on all future events, you can find the feature on the Organization level under the “Default Event Settings” tab under the "Settings" header. 

  • This feature also lives within the edit page of each Ticket Type under the "Required Information" tab. Activating this feature is super simple, all you have to do is turn the feature on and select the data you wish to require or make optional!

Pretty simple right? We hope you find this feature useful! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you need assistance activating any of the custom checkout settings - we're always here to help. Thank you!

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