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Add guest list attendees and comps via the 'Add Attendees' feature.

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The event dashboard includes a useful "Add Attendee" feature that allows you to add attendees to your event. Within this feature you can create and send customized complimentary tickets for Sponsors, Artist Guest List, Friends & Family, etc. Here is a quick rundown on how to take full advantage of the "Add Attendee" feature.

Creating an Attendee List:

  • From your Event Dashboard click on "Add Attendee" under the "Attendees" header

  • Next select 'Add New Attendee List' and a drop down will appear prompting you to create your list.

  • First, name your guest list. You can name it whatever you would like, however, keep in mind the name of the Attendee List will be the name of the "Ticket" sent to the added attendee (including a price is optional and will not report as revenue on the dashboard).

  • You also have the option to add ticket notes. This is a great place to list anything that is included in the ticket. These notes will appear on the printable / digital tickets as well.

  • Not only can you customize the ticket itself, you can add a Custom Confirmation Message. This message adds a personal touch to the confirmation email the attendee will receive when sent their tickets.

  • Once you have added all the details and personal touches to your attendee list, click 'Save.' Now you are ready to begin adding attendees!

Adding Attendees to an Attendee List

  • Now that you have created your attendee list(s) you can then add those lucky ticket holders to their respective lists!

  • You have the option to add attendees manually by entering in their information individually, or in a large group by uploading a .csv file.

CSV File Template Example

Managing Attendees Within an Attendee List

  • Once you have created your attendee list(s) and added attendees you are able to manage them within your dashboard.

  • If you need to view, edit, or access the specifics of a list, click on 'Manage Guest List'. This will then drop down all the attendees you have added, and show you the quantity of tickets per person.

  • From there, you can print out the tickets, copy the ticket URLs to send out, email tickets to a single attendee or to the whole attendee list, and edit or delete attendees within the Guest List.

  • Every attendee added via the 'Add Attendees' feature will be treated as a normal ticket holder who purchased online: their ticket(s) will appear within the 'Attendee' tab on your dashboard, on the printed / digital guest list, within Entry Flow, etc.

Pretty sweet huh? Don't forget, if you have any questions about the 'Adding Attendees' feature, need assistance creating a .csv file or help within your NIGHTOUT dashboard- please contact your NIGHTOUT sales rep or contact Support at or 800-936-3126.

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