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Creating ticket tiers & on-sale rules
Creating ticket tiers & on-sale rules

Ticket type "on-sale" rules

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"On-Sale" Rules gives you the option to put a ticket on sale based on another ticket selling out OR by selecting a date and time you wish the ticket to become available for purchase!

You can control the "On-Sale" Rules for a specific ticket within each individual ticket type under the "On-Sale Settings" header.

Your two options are controlled by a radio button allowing you to select when you wish for the ticket to go on sale.

"On-Sale" Rule: when another ticket sells out

By selecting "when another ticket sells out," you are presented with a list of existing ticket types to choose from.

You can select one or more tickets so that when any sell out it will automatically trigger the current ticket you are editing to go on-sale. This ticket will not be shown on the event page until the current on-sale tickets sell out.

"On-Sale" Rule: specific date and time

This is the automatic default for a ticket's on-sale options. If left untouched, your ticket will automatically go on sale at the time of creation. However, if you wish to hold off until a later date you can update the defaulted date/time.

Setting a future date for the ticket to go on-sale will disable the ticket from being purchasable, but the ticket will still be shown on the event page, displaying the future on sale date/time.

Custom "Off-Sale" Messages

Whether you are setting your tickets to be on-sale at a specific date/time or on-sale based on another ticket type selling out, you are able to display a custom "Off-Sale" message to visitors on the event page.

By entering an off-sale message the off-sale ticket type will display on the event page with the message you entered.

Pretty sweet right? If you love the ease of letting the platform do the planning ahead for you be sure to check out how to update your Default Event Settings to save your self some time durning the event creation process!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about On-Sale Rules. We are always here to help!

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