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How can I upload a photos to my event page?
How can I upload a photos to my event page?

Photo gallery feature - create a photo album with pictures from past events!

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With the "Photo Gallery" feature you are able to add multiple images to your Event Page. This feature is beneficial because it will give your potential ticket buyers more awesome content that showcases how cool your event is.

Feature Details

You can find the Photo Gallery Feature on your Event Dashboard within the “Photo Gallery” section under the “Events Details” tab.

From here, you can simply drag and drop or upload multiple photos. Once uploaded you can order them in any way you chose. The photos will appear in a gallery that is by default shown above the details section on your event page.

You can also add a photo gallery to your organization page to showcase your venue, company, etc.! You can find this feature within the “Photo Gallery” tab under the “Profile” header on your Organization Dashboard.

We hope you find this feature useful and please don't hesitate to reach out to us for questions or if you need assistance creating your Event Page Photo Gallery- we're always here to help. Have a great day and thank you!

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