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How do I work the CCD scanners for Entry Flow Pro?
How do I work the CCD scanners for Entry Flow Pro?
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Turning the Scanner ON

  1. First you will need to turn the scanner on - to do so you must push the button located on the bottom of the scanner's handle.

  2. Then, make sure the small switch above the LED indicator is twitched to “o” for operation mode.

  3. Next tap the orange trigger twice to turn the scanner on. The scanner will make a start up noise and an orange light will appear within the LED indicator on the back of the scanner. Your scanner is now on and ready to connect with your device. You will also know if the device is on if you click the trigger and can see the infrared scanner. DO NOT point the scanner at your face or eyes, or others and pull the trigger.

Connecting the Scanner to your Device:

  1. To connect your device you will need to be sure your scanner is on (please see instructions above), then you will need to go to your bluetooth settings within your iPhone to connect to the scanner.

  2. Click the “settings” app on your home screen

  3. Select “bluetooth”

  4. Turn ON your bluetooth and then search devices

  5. Select your scanners "Device Code". Your scanner has a white label on the side with its Device Code - example: R-A159CA.

  6. When you see “connected” next to the selected device you are successfully connected to your scanner

Trouble Shooting

1.Point the scanner and scan this bar code:

2.Wait until the device is finished beeping then scan this code:

3.Wait until the device is finished beeping then scan this code:

4.Wait until the device is finished beeping then navigate back to the Bluetooth device list. You should see "keyboard" which will soon change into the device's number.

  • If the Device Code still does not appear please call NIGHTOUT support for assistance. Support: 800.936.3126

Accessing your Event / Attendees:

  1. Open the Entry Flow Pro App that is installed on your home screen of your device. If you do not see this or it is not pre-loaded on your device, you can visit

  2. You can then save Entry Flow Pro as an app on your home screen.

From there follow the instructions below:

  1. Use your NIGHTOUT login to access the events under your account

  2. Select the event you'd like to scan tickets for

  3. Once you are on the scan screen you're ready to start scanning tickets!

  4. If an attendee does not have a printed / digital ticket you will need to search for them by name


  • On the scan screen make sure that you tap into the text field and see the cursor pulsing.

  • From here you can begin scanning tickets.

  • You'll get the following responses that will flash upon scanning tickets:


  • To access the keyboard while scanning hold down the orange trigger for 5 seconds until the keyboard appears on your device (you will also hear the scanner beep twice) - from here you can search for the attendee name

  • To go back to scanning - hold down the trigger for 5 seconds and select the search box to continue scanning


Important information about the LED Indicator on the scanner

  • Orange LED ON = Full Charge

  • Orange LED FLASHING = Charging / Low battery

  • Red LED ON = Offline / out of service

  • Green LED ON = Good read

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