What is Booking / Refund Protection?
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Refund Protection is an added service that NIGHTOUT offers as an option to all ticket buyers, which gives them insurance on their order (similar to travel insurance / protection on flights). This not only benefits ticket buyers but also you as an event organizer, since it will drastically reduce the amount of refund requests you'll receive. Additionally, if / when refunds are approved to ticket buyers for a covered reason, you keep 100% of the funds. Also Refund Protection will help dramatically when fighting credit card disputes in your favor. So ultimately, you will make more and work less.

Here are a few need-to-knows:

• Refund Protection is provided by our third party partner Booking Protect and is an optional "add on" for buyers (not required).

• Booking Protect handles all refund requests for customers that purchase Refund Protection.

• If and when refunds are approved, Booking Protect issues the payment to the buyer and you keep 100% of your funds regardless.

• This service has zero cost to you as the event organizer.

• Refund requests from customers who do not purchase Refund Protection are still handled as they were previously.

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