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Activate tracking pixels for media platforms.

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What are tracking pixels? 

Tracking Pixels are used to track traffic, purchases, and more to your event pages. Depending on where you are focusing your marketing efforts we support various options:

Facebook Pixel

A piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimize and build audiences for your ad campaigns. Learn more. 

Google Analytics

Get stronger results across all your sites, apps, and offline channels. Google Analytics Solutions offer marketing analytics products for businesses of all sizes to better understand your customers. Learn more. 

Twitter Analytics

Twitter’s analytics help you understand how the content you share on Twitter grows your business. Learn more. 

Tracking Options

  • Page Views 

  • Add To Cart

  • Initiate Checkout 

  • Purchases 

Activation Tracking Pixels on NIGHTOUT

Tracking pixels can be activated on the organization or event level. You can find the different options under the "TrackingPixels" tab within the "Integrations" header. From there it's a simple toggle of a button, input your pixel ID and select your tracking options. 

Contact us at or 800-936-3126 with any questions about activating tracking pixels and/or inquiries about our site and/or service. We want to help you create awesome events!

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