What is the Entry Flow app?
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Entry Flow is the fastest and easiest way to check attendees into your events and sell tickets, tables, merchandise and more. Entry Flow is our free app that syncs your attendee data from NIGHTOUT right to your iOS device. Don’t have the app yet? Download it here.

Entry Flow is fully integrated with all your event and ticket details, allowing you to streamline your ticket sales with your check in process. Did we mention you can do it right from your phone?

Using Entry Flow

After you have downloaded Entry Flow, sign in using your NIGHTOUT account and you'll instantly see your events and attendee information loaded.

1. Select Event

  • When you open Entry Flow all your current events will automatically populate on the home screen. From there you can select the event you wish to access.

2. View Details

  • Get a real-time snapshot of tickets sold and added by ticket type/list

  • View attendee age and gender demographics

  • Easily track how many tickets have been validated and the total remaining

3. Point & Scan

  • Seamlessly scan QR codes on printed and digital tickets

  • No hardware necessary, Entry Flow uses your device's camera to scan tickets

  • To start checking people in, just tap the barcode 'Scan' in the bottom center.

  • This scanner is expertly designed to be able to scan a printed or digital ticket within seconds.

  • To use, just scan the white box over the QR code, and the device will validate the ticket. You don't have to touch any buttons on your phone to scan, the device will recognize the QR code, auto-focus and register the code all hands-free.

4. Validation Screens

  • Validating the ticket will register it in Entry Flow as being 'used' and prevent the same ticket from being used twice. Validated tickets are instantaneously synced between all entry devices eliminating fraud and duplicate tickets.

  • Below are the different validation screen that may appear while scanning tickets:

5. Search & Swipe

  • If a customer forgot their ticket, can't find the digital ticket in their email or chose 'Guest List' as delivery option, Entry Flow has got you covered!

  • Quickly search for and validate attendees by their name or ticket number

  • Tap the 'Attendees' button and you will see a Guest List screen.

  • From the Guest List screen, you can search using the top bar, or scroll through by swiping up and down. After locating the guest - tap once on their name. Doing so will then show all the ticket types and numbers associated with that attendee.

  • To validate the tickets, swipe from LEFT to RIGHT on the ticket. The ticket holder name will appear with a strikethrough. (Pro Tip: If there are multiple tickets under one name, the name will not be shown with a strikethrough until all tickets are validated associated with that name.)

  • If you accidentally check in the wrong person, swipe from RIGHT to LEFT, the ticket line will turn RED, the strikethrough will disappear and the ticket will now appear as a regular "not-validated" ticket and can be used correctly later.

6. Ticket Details

  • Simply tap on an Attendee from the Attendee Tab to see a Ticket Details page that will show:

  • The Ticket Holder's name.

  • The order number the ticket was purchased under.

  • See all related tickets that were purchased under the same order and the Ticket Holder names.

  • From this page you can easily check in each Ticket Holder individually or check in ALL tickets included within the order.

7. Box Office within Entry Flow

  • Box Office allows you to process credit card transactions at the door.

  • Sell any item or merchandise, with open sale.

  • Easily capture customer data and create notes.

  • Print, email, and even text tickets after checkout.

  • Get a more detailed explanation of Box Office within Entry Flow here.

8. Add Attendees To A Guest List

  • Create multiple attendee lists

  • Add attendees in real time to the desired list 

9. Offline Capabilities

  • Having issues with limited cell phone reception or WI-FI? No worries, our offline capability keeps Entry Flow running smoothly without a connection.

  • Enable offline mode by syncing your most up-to-date attendee data.

  • You have the ability to re-sync as soon as you reach a stable internet connection.

Download Entry Flow Today!

Don't forget to download Entry Flow to run check in for your next event!

(Note: We recommend testing Entry Flow before you plan on using it. Test out the scanner and attendees buttons and make sure you feel comfortable using the app before your customers start showing up.)

Do you need iOS devices, battery packs, or hot spots for your event? Not a problem, we got you covered! For quesitons or device rental requests please email support@nightout.com.

Feel free to contact us if you have any quesitons about using Entry Flow as your check in solution. We would be happy to help!

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