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Creating a Donation Page for COVID-19 Coronavirus Relief
Creating a Donation Page for COVID-19 Coronavirus Relief

Some best practices for successfully creating a page to collect donations.

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These unexpected circumstances and closures have effected a tremendous amount of people, but have especially hit the event and hospitality industries quite hard. We at NIGHTOUT would like to do anything and everything we can do to ensure the success of your company. Since you have such a great following and a loyal fan base, a very simple way you can use our services to help would be setting up a donation collection page.   

To set up a donation page, head to Backstage. From there, click "Create new Event +" on the upper right hand portion of the screen. As you would when creating a normal event, simply follow the prompts to add all of your details. 

Once you land on the Ticket Types step, you can use this to create any and all preset donation options. This would include, fixed rate donations, gift card sales, vouchers, merchandise items, etc. With our customizable options, you can really set up just about any item as a ticket type. If you're just offering donation amounts we'd recommend adding a few preset options, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100 and so on.

If you are adding a ticket type that is requiring a shipping address or a phone number, you can add those fields under the Required Information tab: 

After you have all your initial ticket types / donation options are set up, go ahead and finalize the set up process by selecting your publish setting and "FINISH & GO TO DASHBOARD".

After you have created your page, you will now have a couple more options you can add if necessary. If you would like to set up an open donation option where guests can make a contribution of their choosing, please select the Donations tab under the Tickets header: 

You can then select + Create new Donation, and add your custom copy. Everything added under that tab will display as an open donation option on your event page: 

Any amount of revenue can be processed through this feature. All quantities and contributors will be accounted for on Backstage. We do not charge our fees on donations so all transactions will only be subject to credit card processing.

Should you have the need to collect any information beyond the fields on our Required Checkout Information, you can collect any and all custom info through our Buyer Questions feature located under the Tickets header: 

To create your question, click on + Add a question. From there, you can add any custom question and select your answer method: 

Guests will fill out any and all optional or required information during the checkout process, and you will be able to view all customer data in real time under the Attendees tab, and you can export all buyer question responses on the Buyer Question Report on the Export Data tab under the Reports header. For more info on this feature please head here: Buyer Questions.

We truly hope the above has given you some insight on how you can get creative in generating donation revenue for your company. Should you have any questions on the above or any other aspect of our services, please reach out to your rep, or contact

Pro tip: If you are considering a virtual event option, please refer to our new Virtual Ticket Validation Method write up.

Stay healthy and safe! 




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